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Occasionally our mezcal bar is booked for private events. Please call ahead to confirm hours when planning your visit!

Wednesday - Friday 4pm - 2am

Saturday 4pm - 3am


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Introducing Encanto, the newest addition to Chicago’s growing agave scene right in the heart of River North.


Mezcal has everything one would need in a good spirit—history, culture, and layer upon layers of flavor. Every mezcal has its own history, every bottle is a whole new world; making it an easy-going and fun ingredient to work with because of its range. Encanto’s dedication to sustainability and supporting those who put care and attention into the production of tequila and agave is clear through the diverse representation of brands and producers that each bring a distinctive and eclectic option to the table.



Beverage Director &

Mezcal Aficionado


Explore Mezcal

 Chances are you’ve tried mezcal or at least wanted to, but maybe you got a little bogged down by how it should be prepared and enjoyed.


Everyone has their own serving and mixer preferences, but just like any other well-worn liquor, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re enjoying it to the fullest.


That's where we come in... Grab a seat at the bar and let Enrique guide you through the world of mezcal one taste at a time. His first question will be, "What do you usually drink?" From there he'll build a custom tasting flight of artisanal mezcal while explaining the nuances that make each special.

“It’s a cool space because it’s not intimidating. If you don’t know, we will help you to learn. Much like wine, you don't have to spend a lot of money for a good quality agave spirit.” - Enrique Cobos


Cocktails De Mezcal

Not ready to take the full plunge into mezcal with a tasting flight? Each of our cocktails is a take on a classic, but with an agave twist.


The Oaxacan Twilight (pictured) is a nod to the production of mezcal with prickly pear being a key ingredient—a symbolic fruit from the areas in Mexico mezcal is created. Rosita de Riveter is our take on a classic Negroni. This spirit-forward drink is sweet and bitter with all the flavors of Mezcal Unión swirled in. 


Weekday Specials

$10 Cerveza & Mezcal


For Mezcal tasting reservations/ private inquiries
please fill out the form here 
Multiple Dates
$60 MEZCAL FLIGHT 1oz pours, served w assorted garnishes, salts & fruits 1 Vilasuso {Guanjuato, Mexico Agave / Salmiana} 2 Wahaka Mezcal {Oaxaca, Mexico Agave / Tepeztate Wild} 3 Burrito Fiestero {Duirango, Mexico Agave / Cenizo "Durangensis" Wild} 4 Mezcal Verde {Oaxaca, Mexico Agave / Angustifolia

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